The best way to understand, improve, and communicate what your clients value most is through a client advisory board.

When was the last time you asked clients what they value most about working with you and how you could make it better? The most successful, most highly referred firms, solicit and act on client feedback. And the deepest, richest feedback comes from a guided conversation with the client advisory board.

We are the leader in providing coaching and consulting on organizing and facilitating client advisory boards for professional service firms, and translating that feedback into actionable referral marketing strategies. We can be your source for information and services to make your client advisory board a success.

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Learn more about what a client advisory board can do for you and how to put one together with our free resources.

Client Advisory Board Kit

Everything you need to know to organize and conduct your own client advisory board, and make it a success.


For the best feedback and guidance, let us help you assemble, prepare, run, and analyze your meetings for you.

What can you learn through a Client Advisory Board?

  • Which of your services they value most
  • What your clients believe makes you different
  • When they refer you and why
  • Whether your marketing or website connects with or persuades them
  • What you can do to make your client experience irresistible to more people like them

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